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Crop Sprayer

Crop Sprayer is designed and manufactured in Greece, with high quality materials, and it is specialized for targeted aerial crop spraying, providing a complete solution, with emphasis on professional's special needs!

  • Fully customizable spray system

  • Possibility of use RTK

  • Obstacle avoidance sensors

  • It follows the relief of terrain

Δυνατότητα ψεκασμού 15-20 στρεμμάτων με ένα σετ μπαταριών

Δοχείο 11 εώς 50 λίτρων


One set of batteries is enough to spray 15-20 acres

Tank from 11 to 50 liters

Crop Sprayer Controller

We have designed a controller for professional use, with two separate screens and high autonomy.

Crop Sprayer Controller

Continuous Upgrade

We follow the developments of drone technologies and we apply new features to our models. So, customers have not to buy new equipment every 2-3 years. We are here to upgrade your equipment according to your needs.

We stay in Greece

Drone's support and maintenance are taking place in our specialized workshop, immediately, as we stock spare parts, and it is not required to send it abroad.


Download the technical brochure

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