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Air Surveyor 4

Air Surveyor 4 is designed and manufactured in Greece,

with high quality materials,
and is specialized for surveying applications

We can ensure safety in flight and durability over time

_8500682 copy.JPG
Air Surveyor 4 - Τοπογραφικό drone

Low ratio cost/flight hour

It achieves 22 minutes of flight time with one battery, that ranks it among the top drones of its kind with a high quality camera, attached on a gimbal.

High wind resistance

High stability in winds up to 10-12m/sec


Basic Camera 24mp with Sony APS-C sensor and E-mount interchangeable lenses.
Alternatively, we can fit Full Frame 42mp


It can reduce the errors of the georeference to 2 - 5cm, through auxiliary in-flight GNSS data collection. Greater accuracy with reduced cost!

Air Surveyor Controller

We have designed a controller for professional use, with two separate screens and high autonomy.

Air Surveyor 4 controller

Continuous Upgrade

We follow the developments of drone technologies and we apply new features to our models. So, customers have not to buy new equipment every 2-3 years. We are here to upgrade your equipment according to your needs.

Download the technical brochure

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